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Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
Thanks for helping to test it out. Once we work out all the kinks, I'd like us to try to farm it out far and wide to see if the entire country wants to use this form. The idea of offering it to the ATF actually isn't a bad idea, I really wonder why they haven't done this already themselves?

Yup - together we can all save a C&R firearm.


That is because having this in a downloadable form makes it that much easier for them and us to save money and makes for even more gun owners....

I think pretty much all the kinks are worked out. Some of the check mark boxes are different size or no all in a line.

Only other thing I could suggest is a full re-write so it isn't a scan, but a fresh form. I didn't look very closely at mine when I printed it, but how well do the fold marks come out?

I really like how it fills out both copies. Having it scalable really helps. I can fit 3 addresses in the space now and having a line between each of them makes it come out perfect. This allows the FULL address to be typed in. I can fit 5 Full addresses in before it puts on a scroll bar. I really hope a person doesn't need more than that. Beyond the 5 it would be totally unreadable. Even at this size the font is tiny but readable.

Will play with it some more, though I don't think I will find anything else.
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