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I do have to say that there is one gun shop I refuse to deal with because I can't get the time of day even if I'm the only one in the store. I actually bought a gun from them a long time ago and dealt with a salesperson who is no longer there. The last time I was there I had to really be pretty aggressive to get any help at all, and even then they weren't interested in talking with me at all. The treated me about like a homeless guy might get treated when he asks to test drive a brand new BMW. Then in comes two guys and the staff immediately turn all attention to them to them. I walked out and will never go back.

The shop I currently deal with I was unsure of at first since my first trip there was with my husband. At first they just talked with him, but once they realized I knew what I was talking about too, they warmed right up. I actually get better service when I'm there alone. Some there still have the tendency to direct their attention to hubby when we are together. Maybe it's that I already know what I'm looking for, and hubby has to ask a lot of questions. The first time we were there, we were looking at two handguns and mentioned we'd get them both. The guy says "you can only buy one every 30 days." I responded "yup, per person. I'm buying one, he's buying the other."
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