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Originally Posted by BigBamBoo View Post
LOL....I only had a 10X scope on the rifle (Tikka T3 Tactical) when I shot those groups and could not see my bullet impacts. It was kinda windy so after I shot my first groups...I moved the windage over a bit and shot another 5 shots. Again...those groups were at 300yrds.
Now I run 25X scopes on my long range rifles...heck...even on my hunting rifles I use 2.5-16X scopes. I stay at 4X untill I need to take a long shot and have time...I dial up the mag to see better.

Here is a prime example of having the ability to go to a higher mag. Without it I would never have been able to hit this yote. At 4X all I could see was tree limbs, fence post,etc.
When I went to 16X I was abale to thread the needle through all that and make the shot.
The coyote was 150+ yrds away from my shooting postion in this video.

Take care,Stan
Not to threadjack, but I have a question about coyote hunting. Do you find it difficult to do? The reason I ask, is that I am such a dog person. It seems too close to home if you know what I mean. I have shot elk and deer, but no small animals. I guess I am such a big wuss.

I lost a cat to coyotes, and I guess I would have to dig deep and get those emotions to pull the trigger. As I understand it, coyotes are all year shooting right? Considered a pest?
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