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HAHA! I can relate to all of this. I'm cracking up reading it. First time my BF and I went to the local gun store, they only spoke to him. He plainly told them "it's her gun - ask her". Then they showed me some "dainty" guns without a lot of kick and that "wouldn't hurt me". When I tell them I can shoot a 454 just fine their eyes get big and they dont know how to respond. LMAO! I actually find it funny but I feel sorry for the women that let their "significant others" make all of their handgun decisions for them and tell them what they should be shooting. IMHO, a handgun is a very personal choice. My oppinion to new women shooters: keep trying different guns (even if you just pick it up for feel and don't even shoot it at first) to see what feels the most natural and comfortable in your hands. Then shoot the ones that you like most and make your decision from there. I think that if more gun shops had knowledgeable female employees, their gun sales would probably go up if a female felt she could go in a store and feel comfortable.
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