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Originally Posted by Steyrlp10 View Post
Ditto. On the topic of ex-husbands, it figures. Thank goodness we have the ability to upgrade in that area -- just like guns!
Goes both ways... My ex-wife hated guns and motorcycles... I have both, and upgraded tremendously with wife.2 She not only has her own guns, but also has two motorcycles.

This is my first post in this area since I am not female. I've stayed away since I thought it was reserved. This topic just caught my attention. Anyway, back on topic.

The reason most "guys" feel they have to talk for the woman, etc goes back to providing for and protecting their family. (right or wrong, or way out of sync with current situations) Just the way it is. They may also feel that the idiot guy behind the counter will talk over her head (in some cases), just to show what a ***** he is. (gotta admit that happens too)

I used to teach the Motorcycle Safety Program classes. I can't count the number of times couples came to class and I had to separate them. Usually pulling each aside to have "the talk". With him;"shut the F up... she has to go home with you and if you are telling her what to do while I'm telling her something different, it's going to get us both pissed off at you!!! She doesn't have to go home with me, let me be the bad guy and tell her her mistakes, and you be the good guy and give her praise for doing well, and listen when she vents about the strict teacher" With her;"I need you to listen to me... I'm the one that will be administering the test, and will pass or fail you. I will not tell you that he is right or wrong, I don't know, or have the time in class to work that out. I can tell you that in most cases, long time riders come here and learn new things. Also, if he just backs off a bit, you will have a happier home life in the end." It didn't help that these classes were taught on Honda 250 Rebels and Nighthawks. Our class even had to tell John Elway to go sit down!!! Yes, THAT John Elway.

All of that being said... I use the step method. I start EVERY new shooter with a .22. A Ruger 22/45 or Mark II. When they realize they don't need to be afraid of the bang, they can learn the basics of sight picture, etc. Then move up to a 9mm. If they do OK, and want to move up, I go to a .45. Each step is only if they want to. Just like with motorcycles, there is no reason to scare someone on purpose.

I don't understand the mentality of giving someone a 2" air-lite with 357 magnum rounds loaded for their first shots any more than putting a new rider on the back of a 185 horsepower GSXR1000 as their first ride, or for that matter put them on the back and do 150+ popping wheelies just to scare them.

I sometimes help host mixers/social events at the local indoor range. (focused on introducing women to shooting) For the guy that knows everything and just won't shut up... I'm happy to offer him a Garand, M1a or 12ga loaded with slugs. With fair warning of course.
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