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Originally Posted by Maddog5150 View Post
Why is it gentleman always come in to the gunstore I work with thier moms, girlfriends, wives and say, "oh I need something for a WOMAN to protect the home. She needs a 22 revolver!" Then cop the biggest attitude with me when I try to explain some other options.
Yeah the 22 doesnt have recoil but neither does most resonable weapons. But hey, I'm just an instructor and a counter jockey. What do I know?
What about the tens of thousands of female soldiers out there who have been taught to shoot an M9 or dating back a few decades the 1911? What about the countless female officers out there who shoot something bigger than a 22?
I know this doesnt apply to ladies here on this forum but if a guy says ,"little lady, you need a mini revolver or a twenty five auto." Kick him in the balls.

Oh yeah. I love how insecure these guys are when they feel they need to speak for thier ladies. Like I ask her a question and he answers for her. Takes the firearm first before she can hold it or never lets her touch it or gets pissed off when I ask her the questions and make eye contact with her instead of him.
If it makes you feel any better, when I realized that my GF only owned a .22LR Single-shot marlin (the really short kiddie one with the wood stock) and a .22LR Beretta Bobcat, I bought her an AR-15 and a S&W Model 340 in .357 Mag..........

/There's no way in hell I'm letting my backup carry a .22LR unless it's the ankle gun that gets used after the primary and secondary and gone!
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