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lol. you dont understand what I'm saying though. Theres nothing wrong with 22s. The issue lies in the fact that, "my woman needs something to protect herself and the kids. she's a woman (really? did you have to point that out?) so she needs something small for her fragile little tiny hands to handle.(ok that last part was an exageration) Give her a 22. Honey, if you ever have to use it, aim for the crotch and you will shoot the bad guy in the chest. ok?"
Believe it or not, I hear that ALL the time. I believe we are 50 years past that thinking. Women in general can do a lot and why should they have to accept that something physically smaller is better for them?
Example. Our number one opposition in the war for our gun rights are soccar moms. The media tells them that our firearms come to life in the middle of the night and go on a killing and raping spree. The media also tells them that our firearms are children seekers. A lot of these women from an early age are taught that guns are for men. That they dont need to touch them as men are supposed to use them for war or hunt and that women are supposed to gather and cook so a lot of women just dont trust firearms to begin with. We need to educate women and show them that its not just a mans sport. Its an everybodies sport and game and that just because they may physically be smaller, they dont need an NAA mini revolver to protect her children.
Obviously most of this doesnt apply to the women on this board and everyone here on a firearms board more than likely is able to educate thier female counterparts just fine but as with any political battle, ignorance from within is our number one undoing.
I like 22s. I like duty caliber handguns also. I LOVE women. I hate doing one on one instruction with women who shoot for the first time because they end up shooting my 1911 better than me
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