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Originally Posted by Maddog5150 View Post
So then whats with the women next to them that they are handing the firearm to and babying them as they hold it? Not for them? If someone wants a 22 for target practice whats wrong with that. if they want it for home defense simply because she is a woman, thats just belittling thier wives/gf
Naw. A .22 LR pistol is just a "gateway" handgun. After the wifey/GF learns how to shoot the .22, she'll ask for a bigger handgun. Women are logical creatures after all, man.

"But you've got a bigger semi-automatic, honey!" she'll remind you. "Now it's my turn. Let's see, I think I want a .45. No, maybe a 9 mm. Oh, wait a minute. Maybe a .40! Hmmm ... Those .38 revolvers are kinda nice too ... Oh, heck, honey. I think we should let me get all four!"


Can't you just imagine hearing that after a few months of her shooting at the range and demonstrating she's better at hitting the target than you?
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