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I'm 19, 20 in June, only a little over a year to go yes!!!

Anyway, my family is pretty much non-gun, so It's just me. In scouts I dod the shotgun merit badge and shot 38/50 clay pidgeons that day, which I was told was very good since that was the first time I had ever fired a gun.

Then later when I was 16 my parents got me a standard Ruger 10/22 for christmas. I have bought a few air pistols since but am saving up for when I turn 21 for a nice Glock, screw the alcohol, you can bum that off anyone, and I don't drink, so it doesn't matter anyway.

On killing in self defense: I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

I would also rather my friends and family come visit me in prison than come to visit my grave.
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