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Originally Posted by GunSlinga View Post
There is a separate Privileges & Immunities Clause in the body of the Constitution (not an amendment) at Article II. Article 2 is the executive branch. I think you meant Article IV

We should call that something else. How about A2P&I?
A2P&I is fine with me but I've seen P&I used in a few threads already. I'm taking the assumption that those reading the 2a forum would recognize P&I in reference to incorporation and the 14th. Maybe not such a great assumption on my part, but I'd wager that P&I will be coming up more regularly as (if) McDonald moves up as a possible national incorporation case.

IMO - Its probably better to label P&I in Article 4 as P&IArt4 since it will come up less often. So less likely to be confused.

In the end, it makes little difference to me, but for the sake of new readers it might be a good idea to include it here (not that it will stop those asking in threads ).
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