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Originally Posted by wikidklown View Post
I too picked up a 795 on sale + $20 rebate from big5.
I am in the process of turning it into an MP5 lookalike. It's coming up pretty clean. I will post a pic of it sometime. The transformation is complete I just need to figure out the trigger mechanism.

Ya Pics would be great. How much does it cost to make it look like an MP5? with all the parts etc.

Originally Posted by Capt Jack View Post
Thanks Bomb,

I'm going to take it apart tomorrow and give it a good cleaning. I will just use CLP for now as that stuff seems to work well.

Now, I am trying to figure out if I want optics or if I should go with that Tech sight... Hopefully hitting the range this weekend so I am gonna have to pick up a brick as my 300 rounds suddenly doesn't seem like enough!
Also, since this is my first rifle, how do you take it a part for cleaning? All of my plastic handguns are basically 4 parts- takes a few seconds. But rifle, im not too sure of.


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