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I was out and about yesterday and on my way home stopped into a small shop in Atascadero to see if I could find some mags for my new toy. I figured it was a slim chance and didn't expect to find anything.

To my surprise, they had a few nickel plated 7 rounders (#707046) for $16.99. I should keep the location a secret so I can hoard all the mags for myself, but in the interest of fair play, it was Uncle Ed's Outfitters.

I wasn't sure if these would fit as the 795 was not listed on the package. It did list the 70PSS, 995SS and 70L which I believe are similar. They also look identical to the 10 rounders, just a bit shorter. I bought 1 to try out and will run back for some more if it works.

Check your local gun shop, you might get lucky if you are looking for mags!

Mine definitely needs more upgrades!
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