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Overly macho?

The OP asked us females if we'd wear such a t-shirt design. I'm female and my answer is, No, I would not. I look at the design and I don't see an attempt at humor, wit or patriotism. I see something that makes me wonder what the heck the message is. Now if the design was a picture of an ideal hunky man in a U.S. Navy Seals outfit, sniper rifle at the ready, I might. But if I'm going to wear a design depicting an animal or two, that animal better be a kittycat, a puppy, a wolf, a tiger, a horse, an eagle -- not some fat seals. Look at the U.S. Navy Seals online store -- where is a fat seal on a t-shirt for sale there? I see only a skinny angry seal mascot, and I wouldn't even wear that one.

Here's one tasteful design from the Seals website I might wear:

Besides I'm an Army brat. If I'm going to wear a t-shirt with a military logo, it's going to say U.S. Army on it.

If you still find my reasons for choosing a different t-shirt design unfathomable, then please don't ever buy me a t-shirt.
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