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Originally Posted by masameet View Post
I wouldn't mind wearing a t-shirt with a small embroidered American flag over the heart. On the back could be an embroidered 1911, and the embroidered message could be: "If I got you in my sights, you're just one finger pull away from being dead. LOL!"

Right because that's not overly macho. And the SEALs don't carry 1911s?

Originally Posted by ST5MF View Post
That shirt design is as offensive to "Team Guys" as the movie "G.I. Jane."
The young "Team Guys" are always overly obsessed with the image and how many pushups & situps they can do. Talk to some of the older/experienced guys they're a bit more laid back. I don't know how they'd feel about that shirt but I think they might get a chuckle out of it... it's not degrading, just a play on their name. After all, those are some pretty tough looking seals.
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