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Originally Posted by IMC87 View Post
My ar pistol when it came in:

My AR Pistol now (parts put together by those at OC Armory )
Thanks to Freakshow and OC Armory for making this possiblel

-Complete pistol was bought from:
-Anvil Arms "registered pistol" marked lower with Bullet Button
-Bravo Company USA upper receiver (to replace the original A2 upper with a flat top upper)
- 7.5in barrel with YHM Flash hider
- MIAD grip and Magpul PMAG 10/30
- TROY industries MRF-C rail system
- Buffer tube looks to be from Model 1 sales (foam bought from bike shop)

Still feels a little rough, need to really smooth it out by breaking it in some.. Will hit the range my next day off

Any tips for me on where to keep it nice and wet before i hit the range? feels real dry, i already wet it in the 'moving' parts areas

Nice job, that looks great.
Im going to go the same Freakshow route but I figure I let him catch up a bit.

CLP, just hoser down and it will come out where it doesn't want to be.

I like to use grease on the carrier to upper reciever slides. How does it feel with out the buffer and spring in? Mine felt rought till I shot it a few hundred rounds.

have a blast.

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