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Originally Posted by wallew View Post
Second, all those $100 bills each have a strip in them that can be read by a reader. FROM THE STREET. I've seen them in action.

The ONLY bill that doesn't have that strip is the $1 bill. Good luck.

The amount of $100 bills there will trip ANY reader cruising your neighborhood. That leads to the raid that finds the AK.
From the street, huh?

You must have been on one high profile ride-along.

If what you suggest is true (that a relatively small stack of $100's, or even $5's according to you...) would trip the tin-foil-hatometer mounted in a 'reading cruiser' and this would somehow lead to a "raid" on the household... well, let's just say that I would LOVE to be party in that lawsuit.

It would be like winning the lotto.

Fwiw, I've heard they have close proximity readers in airports - which would make sense.
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