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Originally Posted by wallew View Post
You've got a couple of problems with that pix.

First, you've got a pistol that will accept a front handguard, an ATF no-no. Get that AMD65 forend grip welded up and you will be legal.

Second, all those $100 bills each have a strip in them that can be read by a reader. FROM THE STREET. I've seen them in action.

The ONLY bill that doesn't have that strip is the $1 bill. Good luck.

The amount of $100 bills there will trip ANY reader cruising your neighborhood. That leads to the raid that finds the AK.

TKB. Get things straight. You don't need a visit in the middle of the night.
I did a job for a customer, installed a few new A/C's. In my advertizements I say "discounts for paying cash or check". this particular customer missunderstood and only saw the cash part so when the job was done she paid cash. $27,000. Went home took a pic just for the hell of it then went to the bank and deposited it in the company account.
That dont matter though, how will just having a bunch of legit $100s be enough cause to search my home.

As far as the ak pistol, do you have a cite in the law that shows how its illegal?
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