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Originally Posted by GunNut View Post
I have an Armalite AR10/20''barrel A2. A friend gave me 500 nato brass 7.62x51. I've been loading it for about .35 ea.
Then I discoverd the 7.62X54R CZ Steel case,corrosive berdain primed. I just wanted the bullets. Got a few and pulled them down. they are a 147gr. bullet with 46.2gr. of a stick powder..? Looked like a modern smokless powder. Ammo was made in 1986. So, I started with 42gr of this mystery powder and worked up to 43gr using the same bullets. Thats as far as I'm going. I'm about to run out of case space and they are as hot or a little hotter than federal factory loads. So now I'm loading my 7.62x51 "308" for about .21 ea.

Have you checked the bullet diameter? 7.62 Russian calibers are usually .311 rather than .308. It has to do with measuring to the lands rather than the groves. You may be resizing your bullets and doing God knows what to your barrel. Better check those bullets.

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