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Default Is Now In

Just checked the site and they are now taking the FFL03 + COE from California so please add them to the list.

From their site:

Instructions for CALIFORNIA Ammunition Sales (as of 1/1/18):
•ALL AMMO SALES need to ship to a CA FFL or the new CA Ammo license. We have as of 02/07/18 received several CA FFL's (gun shop, pawn shop that deals in firearms or other business that deals in firearms and will have the federal firearms license "FFL") and a few of the new CA Ammunition Vendor's Licenses for CA ammo orders.
•We only need a copy of your local dealer's FFL or CA-Ammo license once for our files, any future ammo orders just need mention the license is already on file and we'll ship your order almost as quick as we used to (after checking the license IS on file and still current).
•We CAN and do now ship to 03 FFL's with a California C.O.E. (Certificate of Eligibility). Again, send us a current copy of each and once on file, future orders only need mention the documents are already on file.
•Basically, it is harder now, but we plan to ship as much ammo into your state as we can. So please bear with us, like the rest of CA we're still learning what we all have to do going forth.
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