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Originally Posted by BillCA View Post
In order for a judgement to be made whether a specific rifle is an "assault weapon" it must be considered as a complete, ready to fire unit. That includes a magazine inserted in the magazine well. When using a properly installed Prince50 or BB, with the magazine inserted, it cannot be removed without the use of tools and no longer has the "capacity to accept" any magazine.
I have a hard time understanding how this is a legally-tenable interpretation. Wouldn't there be no such thing as a rifle that had a "capacity to accept" a magazine when it had a magazine already in its well?

I can only conclude that "capacity to accept" refers to the rifle with no magazine attached. The P50 (properly installed) and BB simply make the magazine non-detachable without tools, since it has no moving parts which make it "detachable" or "fixed" -- the magazine retention system of the rifle determines that. (As another poster rightly said earlier, "all magazines are ultimately detachable, and I've got the tools to prove it.")
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