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Originally Posted by sreiter View Post
Do Leo's have pictures of ALL the listed guns, and in particular the listed RRA's? If not,who does?
The DOJ has the outdated AWIG, sometimes known as the "DOJ Coloring Book".

That has *some* pictures, usu just of Roberti-Roos guns.

Originally Posted by sreiter
Do the listed RRA's have "LAR-15" markings ?
As far as we know, all RRA rifles use RRA lowers marked with LAR-15.

If an encounter results in querying the gun, it most likely will be regarded as a LAR15 and not one of the Kasler-banned entities.

Should further drama ensue - let's assume BB'd 10rd mag or featureless + MonsterMan grip - it would behoove the owner to not be too close to one of the banned entity's feature lists with a real RRA upper. If it's a non RRA upper, even though it looks about the same as one of the banned entities, it's not an RRA <banned_gun>, it's an parts gun thrown on an RRA lower.

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