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Originally Posted by FABIO GETS GOOSED!!! View Post
The statutory exemption stuff? None at all.

You guys are illustrating the futility of arguing about stuff here. I'm trying to figure out a fun way to get the issue in front of an experienced, fair, neutral decision maker, without the acrimony and name calling that we're starting to see. I'm not sure I've got all the answers, but confident enough that I'm willing risk losing a nice Garand over it. It will be worth it to me even if the argument gets tested and fails then we all would be more certain about the Bullet Button.
I don't see much arguing. You've posted a lot of stuff that somehow implies that the DOJ doesn't have to follow the law, but when asked about it, you clam up.

Are you surprised that people are getting a bit impatient with you?

Also, it would be good to know your background, so that I/we can give your argument(s) the proper weight. Are you a lawyer?
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