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Here are a few pics I just snapped of my H&K USP .45 Compact. This is my first and only firearm. I received it almost three years ago when I turned 18 as it was my pick to carry in the police academy.

The knives pictured are:
1- Smith & Wesson ExtremeOps (1st Production Run)
2- Microtech UltraTech - This knife was custom made and laser engraved by Microtech with the USASOC insignia. Only 18 of these specific UltraTech's exist, mine is 017. It was made for a group of individuals on a military special operations related bulletin board I run.

When I turn 21 in April of this year, I plan to add to my collection in the following order:

- CZ-75B.
I will most likely buy two, I took my girlfriend to the range about 2 1/2 years ago and rented this one for her, she fell in love with it and so did I.

- USP .45 Full-Size.
My Compact needs a big brother to serve as a role model.

- FN Five-seveN (IOM if the USG is unavailable).
Sarah Brady whispers sweet nothings to me at night about this platform.

- Glock 21 & 30.
I have never been a diehard Glock fan (yet probably gets my most attention next to my own forum), but I wish to at least have these two in my collection.

By April, the overall collection will also consist of two AR's and either an FN Tactical Police Shotgun or a Remington 870 (Tactical or Police w/ Knoxx SpecOps Stock).
Stay safe,
- Jeff Rambo
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