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Originally Posted by Blackwater OPS View Post
Why is this still an issue? AB2728 killed Kasler YEARS ago.
Yes, but there's still risk of drama around 'subseries' and the RRA situation.

The courts have CLEARLY said that the list would be violate equal protection if the was no mechanism to add new manufactures/models to the list, and we did that (thanks Jason!), YEARS ago.
The question revolves around how well the Kasler list requires identification.

Even though RRA LAR15s are off-list, the RRA Standard A2 Carbine may well pass muster for listing's sake: it's an identifiable make/model that can be avoided.

This seems like a fight that is very much worth fighting, and almost a guaranteed victory with no factual issues to try (read: cheap lawsuit).
The problem is the case will likely revolve around a client popped for AW violation. The case will most likely go away, and the client's interests come first so there's no ethical way of stretching the case out that far.

We're bettah off just defending the odd case, they'll go away fast/cheap.

When will it be time to go on the offensive? It should not be hard to get an out of state manufacturer to stand as a plaintiff. So wtf?

I'm looking at you Calguns Foundation.
Rather than fighting over details of series/subseries matters it'd be WAY more effective to take out the whole Roberti-Roos list. Let's hold til Nordyke and see how the world gets shaken up. We may well not have to fight fights that don't need to be fought.

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