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Default CCR's kung fu is strong!

Many roads lead us gunowners down the road to seek refinishing.

Alright, I know there are some of you with some tired guns that have been beat a little too much. You really should have cleaned it earlier but you had to go out on that hot date and and got yourself dirty with the ky and the girl while you ignored your other dirty session at home with the mp7 and the filthy guns. It was no surprise when you finally got to cleaning the things they had spots on them kinda like the other parts of you that got dirty...

Or maybe you bought a hard to find model but it had been in the hands of Bubba. Or your hand slipped during the takedown and had a Bubba incident yourself.

Well for myself, I bought a P6 cause it was cheap. It came with many scratches, dings and worn finish for no extra charge, from being carried as a tool,as it was meant to be. Since it was a duty trade in and was carried more than shot;the land and grooves in the barrel are sharp and the gun was in good mechanical shape but cosmetically it was, well a turd.

It was soo pitiful to look at, I was too ashamed to take "Before" pictures. It looked like hell but it was great to shoot, kinda like having fun humping a fat girl until your friends see you with her. I knew I had to take action but had never had any refinishing work done to any of my guns. I had very low expectations as certain parts I knew would be difficult in bringing back. The grooves on the slide and the grooves on the front of the grip had several fairly deep nicks many that crossed several grooves. It had been taken down for a complete cleaning many times by some armoror that was doing his job to pay the bills rather than as labor of love. The roll pin looked like they used a wrong sized punch and had peened some of the metal on the slide as a bonus. The grip screws looked like they were the originals from 1983 and were obviously taken down with too small a screwdriver blade once too many times. There was a dent on the front of the slide that looked like while it was dissasembled it had been dropped on a concrete floor. With some trepidation I sent a MO and the turd of a looking gun to CCR. That was three months ago. In the next 90 days I almost forgot about the ugly looking gun until I got a package from CCR.

If the serial number was not the same I would maybe accuse CCR of keeping my turd and sending me an almost new SIG!

Check out the pics of the details ALL of the scratches are gone!They fixed the grooves to the point that I cannot see them on the slide and grip nor has the refinishing created obvious low or high spots. From what I can see the gun had to have been completely taken down and refinished by part. If you look at the hammer you can see the spring is still unfinished as it should be, which means this thing was completely stripped before it was worked on. The magazine looks like new. ALL rollmarks and serial numbers are crisp and sharp;there are no draglines from being bubba polished. I think they secretly replaced the roll pin with a new one without charging me! The gall to give away free stuff without telling me! After the gun had been completely ressurected they also gave it a major lube as you can see in the pictures. I am extremely happy with the work that CCR has done. I do not know them personally and to be honest I have never even spoken with them before. I just emailed them which they were very quick to respond and sent a quick letter which asked for them to do the best with the piece of cr@p I sent them.

So what I am trying to say is that if you are on the fence about sending in your fat girl, er I mean ugly, um well worn gun DO NOT WAIT. Send it in to have them do thier voodoo on it and maybe you too will think they switched your turd and sent you a new gun. If you are thinking of cutting corners and sending in just the slide don't waste time just go whole hog and get it done right the first time. Just make sure to send it in after mine so I can get my next gun worked on before yours.
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