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Default 2018 Ammo Law Exemption

Dear All,

Here are vendors that have responded to me and are willing to work with the C&R FFL with COE exemption for online vendor sales.
When you complete your order online you need to upload a picture of BOTH the FFL & COE in .jpeg, .tiff, .png format. No larger than 1 MB. Please note, when I say both, I mean that both documents need to be in the SAME picture. No multiple pages.
Establish your account, then email the customer service email with your documentation, I did mine in PDF format of the FFL & COE. These guys also give back to the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).
Same as above.
They will NOT acknowledge the exemption. That being said, I've taken my business elsewhere for everything from ammo to paper targets. I will make it a point to replace my soft rifle cases as well or just place a patch over the midwayusa logo.
waiting to hear back.
waiting to hear back.
waiting to hear back.
Waiting to hear back.

Thank you all for your time. I hope this helps since I'm tired of seeing $40 8mm Mauser boxes with only 20 rounds in stores.



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