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American Marksman confirmed that they will ship:

Yes, we will ship to those individuals. We will keep copies of the licenses on file.


Chad Ueding

Corporate Operations Manager

American Marksman, LLC

10404 Essex Court, Ste. 442

Omaha, NE 68114

Office: (402) 763-4885

Cell: (402) 740-6012


Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 10:38 AM
To: Chad Ueding <>
Subject: Re: RE: Important California Residents/Dealers Notice

Hi Chad,

could you please confirm that your company will ship ammunition directly to FFL03 + California Certificate of Eligibility holders ?

FFL 03 individuals are not dealers and can not resell ammunition.


I am going to email American Marksman to clarify.

The way I read the responses from Double Tap and American Marksman seems to me like they are looking for Dealers/Distributers. We might need more clarification there for collectors. So they will ship to collectors (FF03) but they are looking for dealers as well or are they thinking that as FFL03 holders we can act as dealers (which of course we can not)?


At American Marksman, we wanted to let you know that we value our California Customers. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in California law, we are no longer able to ship directly to most of our customers’ homes. There is a solution we hope to offer our valued customers.

Under new California law, we can still ship our products to DOJ approved and licensed individuals/dealers in the State of California. We are in the process of adding a new tab on the website for our California customers to utilize. That page will list individuals and dealers in California that would like to serve as an outlet for our products.

If you are a licensed DOJ approved Ammunition Vendor/FFL holder or know of a reputable one, please contact us at We would like to add those individuals or businesses to our growing network throughout California.

Our goal is to continue to serve our customers with great ammunition, components and prices for years to come.

American Marksman

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