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Originally Posted by rice_man View Post
I've been trying to sift through all the discussions to compile a current list of which vendors will be supporting FFL 03 / COE holders here in California.

Kudos to BennyAdeline for starting a similar thread in the General Gun Discussion. His tread title Ammo ban action plan for those of us with 03 FFL and COE didn't seem to address specifically a listing but sort of evolved into it.

Keep in mind I have not personally confirmed the validity of each vendor which is why I linked the Calgunner's thread who did. I'll try to keep this list updated as I sort through more. Feel free to add any you have confirmed to this discussion. Also please feel free to update if any on this list should not be there or have changed their policy.

Ammoman (confirmed by Tacticaldad)

Ammo Supply Warehouse (confirmed by BennyAdeline)

Bone Frog Gun Club (confirmed by BennyAdeline) (confirmed by Rob Jones)

J&G Sales (confirmed by jeffsenpai and SonOfaDI)

Lucky Gunner(confirmed by Rob Jones)

Palmetto State Armory (confirmed by BennyAdeline)

SGAmmo(confirmed by BennyAdeline)

TargetSportsUSA (confirmed by BennyAdeline and Cortelli)
Please add Aim Surplus to your list of vendors who accept 03 FFL w/COE
***PLEASE NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2018 all sales of ammunition to California must ship to an FFL dealer/ammunition vendor. After Thursday, December 21st, 2017 we will ship ammunition orders only to FFL Dealers and CA State licensed re-sellers of ammunition. The only exceptions:
03 C&R FFL holders who have a valid C&R license and COE (Certificate of Eligibility) on file.
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