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Default Antique Rifles for sale! Folsom, CA

Selling my grandfather's rare & antique rifles, they have been in the safe for many years and not shot much. All are in working order and fire fine, no rust, no cracks, no pitting and bores are in great condition.

For the shooter or collector these rifles are ready for your collection!!!

3. WWII Japanese Arisaka made by Tokyo Arsenal 7.7mm Type 99 with anti-aircraft sights, Chrysanthemum grinded off. Rifle made between 1906-1935 $445.00

4. WWII Japanese Arisaka made by Tokyo Arsenal 6.5mm Type 38 with anti-aircraft sights, Chrysanthemum present. Rifle made between 1906-1935. $515.00

5. Model 1886 Italian Vetterli converted from 10.3mm to 6.5mm in 1915 $405.00

7. WWII Model 1942 Italian Carcano 6.5mm $420.00

8. Model 1897 Winchester Pump 12 Guage Shotgun, made in 1899 $655.00

Please PM me if interested and we can meet at local FFL gun store to conduct required transfer or if you are C&R eligible, we prefer to conduct local face to face FFL shop transactions, no shipping.

Antique Rifles.jpg

Antique Rifles for sale.jpg
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