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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
How do you complete a sale without giving the thing bought to the buyer.

You are correct that BoF's wording isn't exactly precise, but it doesn't rise to the level of an Underground Regulation there. It is illegal to sell or give a large-capacity magazine in California. It is not illegal to buy or possess.

Thanks Gene, always great to get your input. I dont want to swell your head, but when you weigh in on something, we take it for gospel. I wasnt sure if it qualified but had assumed so because BOF's Bulletin does take it to a new meaning by including wording the includes the buyer.

It is also nice to get agreement from you regarding the purchasing and possessing of a Hi-cap magazines. I have explored this here before out of my never ending curiosity, and I would get flooded with bad info such as conspiracy, etc.

What I find interesting too, is that I keep hearing all about the need to have magazines that belong to a firearm that was manufactured before 2000, so that one can say that they possessed it before the ban date. The reality is, (although I personally would never test this out because you dont have to be guilty of a crime to be arrested in this state), that nowhere does it state that you cannot possess such a magazine, (like an XD9 for example).

Anyway, I think CGF is great and I am very much enjoying watching the progress you and the others involved make in protecting our RKBA. Thank you!
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