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Originally Posted by Dr Rockso View Post
Is there an endgame to this beyond the OAL telling the DOJ to knock it off? Not that I don't want to see them knock it off, it just seems like we've won the OLL fight so it won't really change anything.
This particular underground regulation has been an obstacle that the DOJ has thrown into the path of manufacturers who want official confirmation that ARs/AKs/etc with BBs/P50s are legal here in CA.

Hopefully this will force the DOJ to simply respond with a sheepish "yes" when asked if XYZ rifle is legal with a BB/P50 magazine lock.

It could finally blow the dust off some of the remaining FFLs that won't deal with OLLs (I'm sure that there will be holdouts that simply wont do it no matter what), and give manufacturers the legal tools to finally be willing to ship their rifles to CA.
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