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Originally Posted by rdiggidy View Post
I'm new to the AR-15 scene and have been reading up as much as I can in prepeartion for my first build.

I just purchased a kit from M&A. Their catalog image of the kit I ordered is below.

(I ordered the 16" flatop M4, w/bayonet lug, and A2 flash suppresor)

I was planning on getting a RRA LAR-15 stripped lower (was going to call this Calguns seller tomorrow: RRA Lower).

Would others feel comfortable with this configuration or would you suggest looking at another lower to avoid the possiblity of perceived "mix ups" listed in this post?

Thanks for any opinions.

An RRA LAR15 lower with an M&A upper cannot not form any Rock River Arms banned (or otherwise) rifle, as long as features are properly configured to avoid SB23 configurations.

[Aside from legal matters, why you're buying an M&A upper puzzles me, however, as they're not high up on the list (LMT, Bushmaster, Armalite, Colt, etc.)]

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