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Default Heckler & Koch G3 / PTR91


HK91 Custom Build


Los Angeles/SFV/Ventura County

$1,100 OBO

Will ship (N)

Custom build from another CalGunner with a US match grade heavy barrel and custom muzzle brake. He fired 20 rounds through it and sold it to me. I replaced the rollers to get it into spec, added a NOS port buffer (shell deflector), and fired 100 rounds through it. Will be sold in a featureless configuration with a grip wrap, working magazine release, and one 10 round magazine. It comes with black, green, AND WOOD!!! furniture. I added pictures with the black furniture installed. You'll note that the black backplate is finished to match the rifle. So you're getting three forearms, two stocks w/ recoil springs, backplates, and buffers, and one wood stock. Wood furniture sets go for $200 plus now, so this is a real value for anybody looking for a classic wood and steel rifle.

Buyer pays fees at Fort Courage Armory in Simi Valley, Gun Runners in Duarte, or someplace cool in between. PM questions. Don't post here unless its an unequivocal "I'll take it."

Nothing I post here constitutes legal advice, nor can it establish an attorney/client relationship.

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