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Originally Posted by titus7 View Post
So where do you go in cali to get one of these lowers???
If you search on here there is a lot of info on how to make one of the CA legal pistols.

But the short version is either find someone out of state that sells a 'single shot' AR Pistol (it will then be exempt from the handgun roster), then once you have the gun here it's legal to modify it any way you want, such as making it semi-auto (with a bullet button, EVEN if it's a rimfire).

The other way is to buy an 80% lower ( and make one yourself (and it also needs a bullet button). But be warned, it's a relatively simple thing to do, IF you have the right equipment and at least a little experience working/machining metal.

You just have to remember that you can NEVER sell or transfer that receiver and it can never have a stock put on it.

So it's easy, but it's not easy all at the same time. It also pretty expensive for a gun that doesn't have too many practical uses (says the guy with two AR pistols).
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