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I recently contacted TargetSports USA to verify that they'd sell online and direct shipping to a CA FFL03 with CoE. Some back and forth - because I wanted to be crystal clear that I was inquiring about C&R FFL03 + CoE and not an FFL01 -- they made it very clear that they were good to go for their customers in CA.

I haven't yet followed up with SGAmmo, but curious if others have since late April.

I may do so in the next few weeks myself - I have consistently found that TargetSports and SG are super competitive on any given day, better than most vendors absent some "overstocked and need to move inventory" sales that are transitory day-to-day.

If SGAmmo is still on the fence or shying away from selling to CA FFL03's with CoE after Jan 1, I may have to give all business to TargetSports even before the start of the new year, even if it costs a few extra bucks here and there.
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