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Default WTT: DSA SA58 FAL, Remington 700, Remington 870, Etc. (Sonoma County)

Looking to change up some of my collection. I am mainly looking to trade, I will put a price value, but I don't really want to sell.
I am located in Santa Rosa (North Bay Area) and am willing to meet halfway (within reason in bay area) and can add cash for certain deals. No Shipping.

I am looking for combloc rifles and various handguns.
Rifles: VZ58, AK74, AKM, SKS, SVT40, Mosin Nagants, etc.
Pistols: Combloc milsurp pistols, CZ75 (pre-b), Browning Hi-Power (Blued 9mm), H&K USP45 Expert, West German P226/P228,
PPK (German or Manurhin preferred), Colt 1911 Series-70/80 (Blued), S&W M29 Revolver (29-2 or older), Uberti Schofield 7" 45LC, etc.
(Send me other offers, I may be interested!)

DS ARMS (DSA) SA58 Voyager FAL 18" 7.62x51mm/.308win.


Remington 700 XCR Tactical 7.62x51mm/.308win.


Remington 870 Express Tactical 7rd 12ga.
Was my go to long gun when out on my friend's property/ranch.
Holds 6+1, 2-3/4"or 3" shells, 18.5" very handy shotgun.
Painted stock and forend. Also comes with speedfeed-4 pistol grip full stock.
Flashlight and mount not included!
Trade only, won't sell this one.
(Paid $463.00 out the door early last year, not including the speedfeed stock)

Browning Buckmark Target Rifle .22lr


Savage MK2 FV-SR .22lr
Cool little .22lr bolt action rifle, very accurate. Great for plinking or squirrel hunting.
Has Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 3-9x mounted and sighted. Synthetic stock duracoated green.
Trade only, won't sell this one.
(Paid $271.85 out the door last year and another ~$200 for the scope and rings.

Austro-Hungarian Steyr Mannlicher M1895 8x56r
In great shape, 100+ years old, numbers matching (bolt electro-penciled).
Have a bunch of extras, 100ish rounds, reloading die set, bag of new brass,
several bags of bullets, and like 6 enbloc clips (some nazi marked).
Trade only, won't sell this one.

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