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Originally Posted by zeus45c View Post
My reason for buying an Alice pack was cost effectiveness. For me to get a civilian pack of equal or better quality would have easily cost me double to triple what I actually paid for. Being in the city my primary plan is to hole up in my house. But if I have to load up the SUV to get out of dodge, I grab the bag and additional supplies ready for transport and I'm gone. If I have to end up traveling anywhere on foot then I can throw the Alice pack on. I prefer not to but the option is available.
Very true on the cost. I really like some of the designs that mil-spec and voodoo tact. has, saw them at Crossroads in Costa Mesa. But upon closer inspection, the quality control overseas and materiel choice is rather poor. Like a dummy I gave my completed pack to my GF, (hope she realizes it was a PITA to compile) The pack that I used was this one

I'd have to say I've owned quite a bit of packs in my day and the ballistic nylon is super tough on this one and the quality shines through. Gaaad! I hate buying things twice.

But your right hoofing it will suck, but I think that is what will happen if you have to leave your area. Down here the 405, 91, 10, 110, 101 is jam packed during non-disaster times, can you imagine if it wasn't. 4wd will only get you so far on the
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