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Originally Posted by docsmileyface View Post
They must have fixed those because we live about 300 meters from the runway and the roar of C-17s taking off and landing all day starting at 0600 is almost like clockwork, don't even need an alarm clock.

If by dump you mean an open place with nothing to do in the middle of the desert, then yeah, its still a dump, but we've got really good chow at our d-fac compared to the other places around here and we get to sleep well at night knowing we're far, far away from anything that can hurt us, since we can see miles out in every direction.

Yeah I remember they finally got rid of the MKT and put up a decent chow hall towards the end of 03. We ran the fuel point that was on the North end of the runway, surrounded by Hesco baskets full of dirt for protection lol
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