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Most people have no clue of traits of a good trial lawyer. Most people jump aboard bandwagons.

Being charged with any crime is serious. Being charged with a felony could ruin a person's life.

I know a professional woman who was arrested for criminal threats. She has had her guns seized and destroyed. Her lawyer advised her to plead to disturbing the peace. She took the plea even though elements of criminal threats had not been met. I asked her why she took the plea. She thought it was an easy way to put the incident behind her. She had no clue of the potential consequences. Not only did she lose her guns, she might lose her professional license.

Had she come to me before she hired her lawyer, I'd of dialed her in with an excellent criminal trial attorney. I'd take odds that had she gone with him, she'd have her guns, no conviction, and wouldn't be in her current predicament of losing her professional license.

Not all lawyers are of equal ability. A "gun rights expert" is about as useless info as a lawyer can advertise.

Some lawyers ought to be disbarred for incompetence. But they are useful patsies for our justice system, especially at the appellate level.
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