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Originally Posted by Metal God View Post
So I just happened to come across the en-banc youtube video
and as I'm watching I realized something odd to me . It appears the "random" selection of judges for this case has 6 of the Peruta judges .

There are 29 active judges and 19 senior judges on the court . What's the odds you get 6 of the 11 random judges picked are the same as another gun rights case ? Does anyone have any stats that shows how many of the same "randomly" selected judges are on other gun rights cases . It just seemed odd to me that I recognized many of the judges .

I then would ask do we know how all those same judges voted in each of the other gun rights cases ?

Do I smell a conspiracy or am I over thinking this ?
Senior judges normally do not participate in en banc unless they were part of the original 3 judge panel.
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