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Originally Posted by Macadelic4 View Post
...and where might I get caffeine in these quantities, good sir?
Originally Posted by zeus45c View Post
Are you sure it's caffeine?
Yes, I'm sure it's caffeine

I'm a beer homebrewer, and I was looking to buy some caffeine in order to make some batches of caffeinated beer. I scoured online and found small quantities to be very expensive. Eventually I found a seller on Ebay in the UK selling in 1KG quantities that was even cheaper (after being shipped from the UK!!) then buying it here in the states.

It wasn't until AFTER I got the caffeine that I started doing the math. To properly caffeinate a 5Gal batch of beer required....... 1 level table-spoon..... I've got a jar the SIZE OF MY HEAD full of the stuff. I could caffeinate EVERY batch of beer I brew for the next 5 years with the amount of caffeine I ended up with.

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