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Originally Posted by m_freeman View Post
here is one for ya- get an SD card like a Nikon D40 would use then get a small USB card reader you can put the SD card in the reader and it's only about 1.5"x1.5"x .25" next scan or photograph all your vital documents onto the SD card. This way you have a back up to all your vital docs in 1.5" package with USB port, you could even put medical books and maps on there You may need to use a computer sometime and reprint your birth certificate or what ever, providing EMP's didn't take it out.
If you have to deal with Obamas green shirts you may need to make a fake ID if you are a white male. Don't forget a little gold to bribe the green shirts.
+1 least to the SD card / making multiple hard and digital copies of important records.

If you are displaced for X amount of time, you may end up needing to get a job, .gov benefits, establish credit, etc, etc.

There are several great links to real world SHTF blogs, but I'll add another:

From someone that has been through it, the author offers great ideas on having you s*** together before a disaster.
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