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Originally Posted by Midian View Post
My .02

Add cigarettes and drugs (mostly pain killers and muscle relaxers) as currency items for trade with stupid people.
This is exactly why when I turn 21 I will stock up a bit on various types of long shelf-life booze. I don't even drink, or plan to, but there are people out there who will want some spirits for entertainment, medical, or other reasons. I think clear liquors in plastic (more shatter-resistant) bottles are probably the best candidates, but I'm no expert.

After reading an article on SHTF in Argentina, I noticed the author stressed having a few "luxury" items (even hotel bottles of shampoo/moisturizer, bags of instant coffee, unopened spice bottles, etc.). This could be a really prudent, zero-cost precaution if you know where to get them.
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Originally Posted by wcnones View Post
Should I give them booze? I have Ralph's brand Kahlua and some Half and Half. Kids like chocolate milk, right?
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