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Originally Posted by futurecollector View Post
do you actually cary all the ammo in those .50 call cans, because there is no way in heck you would be able to be very mobile, my lil .223 cans are around 35 punds and they still arent as big as the .50 lol just my .02
they are mostly just ammo storage right now. but i keep everything i need in there and decide what to take and what not, and if i need to i can downsize to smaller cans. but i have had 2 of thoose .50 ammo cans in there with full ammo. and ya it nearly made me fall back and i know that is nothing to what someone would carry in basic.

Originally Posted by Midian View Post
My .02

Add cigarettes and drugs (mostly pain killers and muscle relaxers) as currency items for trade with stupid people.

If people still think cash will be valuable if all collapses, have a a few grand in 20's and 50's with you. It's just paper and really reprsents nothing but your labour.

Keep your gold, as you may really need it to trade with people as savvy as yourself for high ticket, hard to obtain items.
"The only things that are going to survive after the down fall are cockroaches, guns and gold"
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