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Originally Posted by randy View Post
What about Kotex or Maxi pads or what ever they're called? Some of you said you have woment to think of. If you have an injury that is a bleeder these work for that too.

Eye drops also work for ear aches. I could be wrong on this one check it out for yourselves.

Googles and face masks. If you are without sanitation for some time the masks can keep the dried crap out of your lungs along with dust. There was plenty of dust after the Northridge quake some dirt some asbestos.

To the OP I'd go 223 not 6.8. I understand better knockdown longer range but lighter and more plentiful trumps the advantage of the 6.8. Just a thought I wouldn't go with a caliber that isn't available at any store or from somebody you might meet up with. This is a personal decision.

Aluminum foil I don't know if this is a good idea or not. It works great around the house and if you needed to signal somebody it might be helpful.

Is the BOB something you are going to put on your back and start walking or something in your car and you are planning on driving out of the area?

Chem lites are a good thing maybe not for hitting the road but not too bad for your house if there isn't any power. One light is good for up to 12 hours.

Did anybody mention maps? If you are going to hit the road they are a good thing.
More good stuff - thanks - I have my wife working on a bag with her needed items as well.
In response to your mention of .223 vs 6.8spc - I thought this over long and hard, it wasn't just a situation where I just decided to take the only gun I have...that being said, I choose the LMT MRP because I can switch barrels on it, and switch calibers very easily. I have both .223 and 6.8 barrels and BCG's - one is in the gun, the other is ready and waiting nearby. If I needed to I could throw in the other set and it will be another couple pounds different for my pack.
I also have a Noveske N4 Lo-Pro Light set up for my wife to shoot - so I will have access to a .223 rifle at all times as well. Needless to say, I have plenty of ammo for both.
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