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Thumbs up great time!

Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
CRPA Executive Director John Fields was there, with his lovely girlfriend.

John's girlfriends name is Frank?

Well, I am mostly a member of and

So I count as another forum member, finally got to meet Lonnie Wilson who I knew of from and always admired.

The main Judge asking questions didn't seem to like the anti's lawyer
much, I'm no legal beagle but the argument seemed to be "you can have a gun show as long as there are no guns there"

And the anti lawyer also said a complete ban is constitutional under Heller ( at least I think he said that, it was only 20 minutes or so for each side and they were talking fast )

I thought I knew my legal mumbo jumbo pretty good but oral arguments are a whole other creature.

Overall, I think we win incorporation.

The dinner and small talk and speeches were great, I feel like I should feel after Church, energized and God on my side, except it was the fellowship of oppressed gun owners and freedom advocates.

I bet if you mixed alcohol and anti's and strong opinions, riots would break out.
Our side is genuine it its concern for the underdog and oppressed.
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