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This is the first time I have ever set foot inside a courtroom and I'm an Engineer by training so take what I'm about to say w/ a large boulder of salt.

My feeling watching and listening to the back and forth is that the Alameda Law will fall - our side made a very convincing case that the Law is being unfairly targets a class of citizen, the law is being unfairly applied, and that the country overstepped their bounds.

However, I didn't get the feeling that the court was very gung-ho about taking on incorporation of the 2nd. They asked our side repeatedly how this law violates the plaintiff's RKBA and I didn't feel like the judges bought it. Though they did pepper the other side about RKBA (including how they thought the ruling might go if this case were being tried in DC).

But keep in mind that these arguments are but a small portion of the entire case. There are reams and reams of documents which may be more or less convincing than what I saw today.

3-12 months now
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