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Originally Posted by Dedicated_dad View Post

The "I was just following orders" defense didn't work at Nuremberg, and IMHO is equally invalid anywhere else.

This mess will stop when "rank and file" LEOs of all stripes stand up and say something to the effect of "I must respectfully decline to obey what I believe to be an illegal order."

Yes. If ordered to "take a hill" occupied by people who are not breaking the law, I DO want them to be passive and refuse an unlawful order.

If the "child" is in no real danger, I DO want them to be passive and refuse an unlawful order. The kid- (or more accurately parenting-) cops are the only ones CLOSE to the various drug- and gun-cops in terms of the miscarriages of justice they regularly inflict on good and decent people.

Catching the (really) bad guys is what they're charged (and paid) to do, and every minute they spend harassing a good person in the process of enforcing a stupid, improper law is nothing more or less than dereliction of duty. Further, I consider them morally culpable when these choices leave a REAL criminal on the street harm the law-abiding.

We have separation of powers in this nation for a reason. It really doesn't matter how out of line the legislature gets, if the executive refuses to enforce it then no harm can possibly be done. This is basic 9th-grade civics.

Further, let's face it: It's easy to go in all ninja'd up when you know the man on the other side of the door you're kicking in isn't going to shoot you. Most of them would RATHER go after "low hanging fruit" which leaves the REAL criminals free to go about their heinous business.

I am not anti-LEO, the fact is that a majority of my closest friends are LEOs of one sort or another, and every one of them have suffered some career damage because they put their conscience ahead of their wallet.

That they're not rendered unnoticeable because they're surrounded by hundreds or thousands of their peers is the biggest problem we have.

Yes - blame the legislators for passing stupid laws, but don't excuse the executors for blindly (or in truth, RABIDLY) enforcing them.

Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining, nor ask me to accept jack-boot behavior from those sworn to "protect and serve."


Beautiful, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Originally Posted by Lex Arma View Post
Is it reasonable to expect every LEO to resign from their jobs, and forfeit their pensions and jobs when the legislature passes dumb laws?
YES! YES! YES! If they don't they are automaton JBT's. They made that choice when they chose their profession. Only with unquestioned and blind compliance by LE can liberties be violated by the government since they are its agents.

All I want to know is when the FBI is going to break down the door of this iggy tool at 3am, shove 30 SMG's in his face, throw him against a wall with a few kicks and elbows thrown in, and drag him off to jail in his underwear?