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Red face Stripped AR "rifle" lower vs "pistol" lower

I'm a no0b, please be nice to me for asking stupid questions. Also, I'm a girl trying to build an AR for the first time. Please don't make me cry.

I swear I attempted to search for an answer to my question in previous threads; but, I wasn't too successful and I'm still confused re: buying a stripped AR "rifle" lower vs a "pistol" lower. Plus, my friend totally confused me yesterday and he's often full of FUD.

Look, if I go to my LGS and buy a stripped AR lower, can I register it as either a long gun OR a pistol at the time of DROS? My friend is saying that I can only register a stripped lower as a pistol if I buy it from the manufacturer pre-designated as a pistol lower.

In other words, I can't walk in and pick-up two stripped lowers and say "Please DROS this one as a long gun and DROS this one as a pistol"?

My friend also tried to tell me that I can only buy two lowers per month. I could have sworn the long guns were still good-to-go for DROS as many as I want. I already DROSed one stripped lower last week. If I want to walk back in tomorrow and buy 3 more, ok, yes?

My head is spinning from all of the stupid new laws and dudes giving me conflicting information and now I can't figure out which way is up anymore!
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