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Default The OFFICIAL practical meaning of the new laws thread - FAQ/analysis

Please keep the "WILL NOT COMPLY" stuff out of this thread. If you plan to do that, you are a grown up and make your own choices but it doesn't help here. This is only about understanding the new laws. Please read the thread, I don't have time to answer PMs on your personal situation.

I'll give it my best to start going across the web. Some of this might be incorrect FUD. If it is, please let me know and I'll update/fix/add as best I can. I am not a lawyer. Nobody in this thread is giving legal advice. We are discussing but could come to be wrong so keep that in mind. This is early on and we are just trying to help each other make sense as best we can. If you are new, keep in mind the following:

1) This is all new so uncertainty is everywhere. Sometimes we need courts to issue rulings telling us what something means.
2) These laws are written by people who know nothing about guns. As a result they are vague, sometimes contradictory, and are hard to understand. They have zero impact on crime aside from turning a 70 year old law abiding grandma into a felon.
3) There are hundreds of other gun laws that have to fit into the context of these new ones.

SB880 and AB1135 and
---See post #479 for a good run down summary---
Bans the sale and transfer of current "bullet button" firearms by reclassifying them as AWs. Goes into effect January 1, 2017.
Practical impact on you: The BB is basically being made to no longer comply with the law as it was. The BB, is in the eyes of the CA legislature, a detachable magazine. All rifles, handguns and shotguns that are centerfire are now officially AWs as configured with a current BB (that does not require disassembly of the action) and must be registered as an AW with the DOJ. You will no longer be able to purchase a current generation BB firearm in CA. Once registered as an AW, it can not be passed down to your kids, you can't let someone under 18 use it, and there are more strict laws on transport and use. It seems you can go featureless to comply without registration. 80% with BB must either be engraved and registered or go featureless.

If you have something that is impacted by the law (pretty much everything with a current BB for starters) here are your options:
A. Register it as an assault weapon.
B. Take it out-of-state for storage or to be sold through an out-of-state FFL dealer.
C. Magazine is welded into the magazine well or somehow made to no longer be detachable under the law (Current BB doesn't work for this)
D. Rifle is made featureless (not possible for any handguns or most shotguns)
E. Surrendered to law enforcement for destruction.

AB1511 -
New regulations around loaning firearms
Practical impact on you: Bans loans of longer than 3 days and loans for other than lawful purposes.
Can I still handle that gun at the gun shop? Yes
Can I still rent a gun at the range? Yes
Can I loan a gun while I'm personally still present? Yes

Created a 10-year firearm prohibition for someone convicted of falsely reporting a lost or stolen firearm.
Practical impact on you: Can't falsely report lost or stolen firearms. A common opinion is that they're paving the way for confiscation. No more boating accidents.

Senate Bill 1235
Placed restrictions on the purchase of ammunition and would require the attorney general to keep records of purchases. This legislation would further require any online ammunition sales to be conducted through a licensed vendor. Goes into effect Jan 1, 2018
Practical impact on you: It is unknown how many retailers will wish to deal with California because there are still some VERY limited exemptions. All online sales of ammo are done. All out of state purchases of ammo are done. No road trips for ammo that you plan on bringing back into CA. Does essentially the same thing as Gavins ballot proposition.
What is the C&R/COE exemption good for here? - Looks like C&R/COE can purchase ammo out of state and online (if vendors will learn CA laws)
Can I buy ammo out of state and bring it in? - No, you are allowed a few small exemptions for hunting and shooting at matches, but can return with no more than 50 rounds
Does it include reloading components - It looks like the answer is no.
Can I sell ammo to my friend? - No, private sales of ammo must go through a licensed ammo vendor like a PPT for ammo.

Senate Bill 1446
Banned the simple possession of ammunition feeding devices/magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 cartridges. Goes into effect, July 1, 2017
Practical impact/what it means to you: You have to either allow your mags over 10 rounds to be confiscated or move them out of state.
Does this impact LE, or are they exempt on personal mags? They are exempt it seems along with retired LE
Can I just take apart my mags of greater than 10 rounds? The law is not clear. This is an infraction so expect a $100 fine on the first mag offense and confiscation of the magazine.
Are there any exemptions for the non-LE class of citizens? Yes. If you have a firearm for which you owned a mag and no 10 round mag is available, you may keep that high-capacity magazine
Are 10/30s banned? No.

Irony: While Governor Brown and the Democrats have criminalized millions of California Gun owners today, he specifically chose to veto a bill that would have made theft of a firearm a more serious offense. So just remember when you hear that this has to do with public safety, manufacturing new criminals by having a newly defined assault weapon is a MORE serious crime than stealing a firearm.
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